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A Take on Teaching Writing from Our Beloved Toni Morrison

Read the article "You Don’t Know Anything And Other Writing Advice from Toni Morrison”

Respond to the contents of the article and the following questions from what you watched in the documentary "The Pieces I Am":

  1. Have you ever read a book written by Toni Morrison? If yes, which one(s)? How much did you know about Toni Morrison prior to watching "The Pieces I Am" and reading "You Don't Know Anything and Other Writing Advice from Toni Morrison"?

  2. What does Toni Morrison's writing teach us about the POWER of words and language?

  3. What does Toni Morrison teach us about the connection between reading and writing?

  4. What does Toni Morrison mean by "The White Gaze"? What are examples of (mentor) texts you've read that are demonstrative of "The White Gaze"?

  5. How does "The White Gaze" impact you as a soon-to-be teacher of writing?

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